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Evelyn Duprai exudes a joyous energy whenever she sings. Whether it's jazz, funk soul or blues, you'll be drawn in by the depth of her smile, the warmth of her voice, and the authenticity with which she delivers every word she sings.

When she walks onto a stage, her elegance and style transport you to an era where class and sophistication were the norm for a lady of song.


Her African ancestry delicately wafts through her phrasing and rhythm making the interpretation of every song she sings uniquely her own.

If you enjoy singers who perform with passion, you're going to love Evelyn Duprai.

"Evelyn transcends the classic and the contemporary, with a rich, expressive voice and a knowing tone... James Morrison calls upon her often, which tells you something...The girl has done her homework." 

            Glenn A. Baker - Australian Journalist

"Evelyn...impressed me like no one ever did before.
I knew that I was listening to the real thing" 

              Leslie Moore - Director, Australian Jazz Agency

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